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Thambaru Navodya Wijesekara

I'm a Sri Lankan, Web Developer at Ceylon Systems and an old boy of Rahula College. Flies with Technology & a fan of Old Sinhala and Oriental Music.

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Thinking mainstream? Nah? So you know that experience can do more! than paper work. :)

Work Experience

2014 - now

Ceylon Systems

from 2014 to present

Web Developer

I'm proudly a developer of Ceylon Systems an awesome web developing company at Thalaramba, Kamburugamuwa.

→ View Website

2010 - now


from 2010 to present

Team Owner of Translations

I'm the team owner of the Project and I volunteer with translating and moderating.

→ View project page

2012 - 2014

Khan Academy

from 2012 to 2014

Advocate for Translations

I moderated all translated videos for sinhala by volunteers (um a volunteer either) and mapping them to the main website

2010 - now

[Team|RCMweb] & RahulaTV

from 2010 to now

Senior Member, Head

I was developing my school websites and still I'm there as a senior Member. RahulaTV is driven by [Team|RCMweb] which is the webTV of my school. Now keeps the stuff up as a Senior member.

→ View Rahula College Official Website, SchoolNet Website & RahulaTV.

2010 - 2011

Rahula College ICT Club



We have organized "InfoTech 2012" the Rahula College ICT Day. Read these sinhala articles on my blog to know how we made it.

Making of Part 01,   Part 02, The Day.


Umm, heard someone said that people learn till die? Me too. :P


HyperText Markup Language


Hypertext Preprocessor




Version Controlling




Visual Basic




Fruity Loops


These are just some few works from my stuff to push a basic feeling. More are coming!

Buddhist Flag

No sources used, all in graphics.

Old page

Just was a tryout something new. No sources used.


Just done for fun with a photo of my batch mate. View Original Image.

RCM Crest in White Flag

Made to use in funeral news posts related Rahula College.

3G Icon

Remade with Metfone 3G MF100 Dashboard.

(All TMs and Brand names are the property of their respective owners.)

Exemplary Logo

Titan Graphics* Logo

* - imagined for this case and not for any really exist. Ask if need.

Exemplary Logo

Red Wine.

Exemplary Logo

Model for a web designing company.

Exemplary Logo

Model for a blades trademark.

For RCM|SCHnet site

Created to decorate Rahula College SchoolNet Website. (used from 2010-2013)


Here are some softwares I made with their titled software, hope you may like it. Share with your friends too! ;)

Visual Basic 6.0

Some small programs I made with VB6. Download

Visual Studio .NET

Mini tools I made with VS.NET Download

TNW Fonts

thambaru.ttf - "Thambaru" Sinhala font in Standard (Wijesekara) Keyboard Layout. Having the starting-point of charactors is its special part.

thambaru_uni.ttf - "Thambaru_Uni" Sinhala Unicode font in Standard (Wijesekara) Keyboard Layout used by officicial software, Sinhala Tamil IME.

tnw_music.ttf - A font with Eastern music characters. See Keyboard Layout.

Educational Softwares

G.C.E. O/L - I Hope students who do SL G.C.E. O/L can learn interactively with this attractive eLearn package. This package includes Science, Maths, History in Sinhala. Spread the word, dude!


Well, I told you that um blogging nah? You may have a visit to there either.

Ah, and thanks for taking a look down to here. :-)

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