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English article: Babushka Z: The woman who became a Russian propaganda icon

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Article on Silumina

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Website Template for Web Dev Class project

Technologies used: HTML / CSS / GitHub Automation

This was done as the final project of Web design and development course handled by the American Corner. Website is not mobile-responsive as it was out of the project scope.

The Code was published in GitHub and hosted by myself at Kinsta using GitHub automation.

American Corner is a smaller version of American Spaces managed by American Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Script to get the number of tweets in a Hashtag

Technologies used: NodeJS

Back then within the local Twitter community we organized an online Awurudu Event where tweeps were divided to two teams, and each team should tweet using their team hashtag. The team with the most tweets was chosen for the 1st place. To judge the event, I wrote myself this script using NodeJS.

Awurudu is a cultural event in Sri Lanka to celebrate New Year (April).

PHP Library to use cURL easily

Technologies used: PHP

When I was working at my first job, I had to work in a project that used PHP cURL. At the moment I was learning PHP OOP and how to chain-load. To practice my knowledge and ease-in the project, I wrote this class which helped clean up and make the project code readable.

JS Library to show "waiting" on button-click

Technologies used: jQuery (JavaScript)

In the Twitter-Bootstrap era they have dropped the button animations called Stateful Buttons. We were already using Bootstrap at work and when we had to migrate to the new Bootstrap version, the team was struggling to replace these buttons. So I made this to help their work.

Backend for Reservation Service

Technologies used: Laravel (PHP)

This project was done for a Sri Lankan based property rental company. I worked in the backend which included features to search and reserve accommodations. An API for the fronted was also created to fetch data from the DB. Server speed and code optimization were a good challenge I've faced in this one.

Unfortunately, the website is not live anymore and according to their NDA, I couldn't keep the code. Still, it was a good experience and a pleasant memory to work in that challenging project.

Frontend for a local Diving Center

Technologies used: WordPress / Elementor

Mirissa is a popular area in Down-South Sri Lanka for the foreigners. A Diving Center wanted a website built for their online presence and I successfully completed their requirement in a small delivery period. From the logo to the responsive design were provided fully.

Backend for Micro Finance Service

Technologies used: Laravel (PHP)

Micro Finance is very popular in Sri Lanka. This was a sub-project from a friend's dev company. The client's requirement was to have a dashboard to manage their accounting needs, view their targets in graphs etc. This is basic stuff for any dashboard but it was critical as it was all about the company's finance management.

The backend includes features to track loan trends and calculate commissions.

WebTool to resize and convert images

Technologies used: VueJS (frontend), NodeJS (backend)

This webtool converts and/or resizes given images.

Chrome Extension

Technologies used: JavaScript

This allows users to view additional computed data on a monthly data analysis service provided by a local ISP.